Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things i miss most after College

Some moments divide the time period of life in two parts- life before that event and life after that event. Leaving the college life is certainly stands in one of those moments. Though only 6 or 7 months has been passed but it seems I have spent a decade out of those walls.
Memories will certainly haunt me throughout my life but those things will never be recreated. I want to pen down and list down few things that I miss most after leaving college (to be more honest I don’t remember any event of college that I want to write here because it is hostel life that teaches me more than those boring lectures and labs. I miss that hostel days life….but it sounds more cultured to write down college life in place of hostel life)

Security behind those boundaries: certainly we are most secure behind the curtain of college, no tension of life (though a little bit in final year), we are the king of our world. But things change very rapidly out of those walls. In the word of RDB “ college gate ke iss taraf hum life ko nachaate hai aur gate ke usss taraf life hume nachaati hai “

UDHAAR KI ZINDAGI:  don’t judge me wrong folks but how I dare not to mention this thing. I have to buy a bucket and pen drive of my own after leaving hostel ,how sad for a person who didn’t buy a bucket for 4 years (though I am not a occasional bath taker). And pen drives are available according to need 2 GB means chacha, 4 GB sishir bhai and jain sir,8 Gb ………. I can use latest Deo and perfume without buying it and wear a MUFTI jeans without spending a buck.( AM I RIGHT M[a]G ?) 

LOAN WITHOUT INTREST: This is the best incentive of being a hostler. You can borrow money without paying any interest and that too for a period of your convince. I am sure no bank can ever produce this scheme. Thanks friend for giving me money after spending my whole month pocket money in a beer party. 

DHABA MASTI: Agrawal Dhaba where only “VYAVHAAR” is given, Suraj Juice corner and non-veg point , Raju bhai’s Parantha and least but not the least our favorite engineers Dhaba for shake of nicotine requirements…the list is very long and I miss each said and unsaid part of this. 

HARYANA BORDER BOTTLES: I don’t know who made taxes so low on alcohol in Haryana state but I want to thank him/her from bottom of my heart. Otherwise who can pay double for a RS bottle when the count of ‘bottle needed’ exceeds a dozen?

RIPPED BY ___ Movies:  I have watched every released movie whether Hollywood or bollywood on very first Saturday or Sunday(the only use of college LAN) without buying a 200 rupees PVR ticket. But now days I buy 15 rupees pirated DVD from our mohallas pan waala.

And of course my WHITE STICK family, who made a dumb boy, like me... a person who can at least know how this practical life crap can be handled. There is no word in any language of world that can reproduce my feelings in words for my friends. I just want to finish with “ROCK ON” famous lines for my friends


Anonymous said...

sahi h bhai...isme ek cheez aur add kar de...

PD ka zeher jo hum logo ne bhut jyada saha h..:P


Priyadarshi said...

ha mera zehar aur tera dance bhi"upar wali ke chakkar main" ha ha ha

Mag[m] said...

lolz pd....tune to saari izzat khol ker rakh di.....

Sanjeetha said...

i am in college now, but i cherish about the days spent in school now..:)
tendency of humans to feel and think about past and not enjoying the present..

Priyadarshi said...

@mag kya karru yaar emotion mai beh gaya