Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eric in Cheos

INsanity by Mag[m]:-

How many victims in any love-affairs are confirmed about their relationship in the future. No wonder the static’s can go down in decimals but still the commitments are made. I am not saying that it is wrong, perception and theories are the things that changes from person to person and place to place. Ma father always used to say me that don’t count for the breads while eating and as a good son I always followed that but in a little different manner, I never count ma pegs while drinking , same theory but a different perception. Than why these commitments are for ?

I always confused that what makes the difference between a Love-Relation and a Best-Friend-Relation. I mean if you have any girl as your best friend than you can roam with her, can share the deepest thought with her, can compose the long chats. This relation have everything like care, love, affection, possessiveness, silly fights, arguments, everything that you can expect from your girlfriend. Than what is the difference. Is that lust is the factor and if it is than its surely not a Love. Than how to differentiate it ?

Insanity is talking like that today because today it thinks that boys are the weakest elements in the living creatures category. They always represent themselves with ocean of beer and a tornado of cigarette smoke and keen to hide the fucking emotional breakdown but still whatever they do it always crosses the horizons. How many of you ever heard that any girl have ever crossed the limits of possibilities even in the most sucking condition of “one-sided-love”. Dude its really rare and extinct in present era. Do you still thinks that boys are bad ?

Every heroine working with Imraan Hasmi is ready to kiss him that is going to be published nationally even globally and even after knowing this they are ready to work with him than how Imraan is being blamed all the time. Who said it is a man dominating society when every time males are victimized. Don’t think it as a satire it’s a frustration that have a power to force even insanity to think like dramatically. Do anyoneone have any solution?


Priyadarshi said...

dats d problem bro,girls chnge our complete hardware and den complaint about compatability

Mohinee said...

@Manish, this thing is really sad! coz the weakest poor boyz......victimized always and we say abala nari! u can write now nirbal ladke. kya kare jamana hi aisa aaya hai. mai to tumhe pahlesehi warn kar rahi thi. bhole bhale ladke. bhagwan ke creation me badi problem lagti hai! i kno gals ko to ladkon ka lutf - maja uthana hota hai!.....i can write more but......this age is of weak boyz.....they cant tolerate. keep it up dear........! even you will be happy i kno big community who say exactly same lines u write, and they are trusted as sadhus and sanyasis in the society...(but while saying all this at the same time...they tried to attract a gal..forgetting their saffron cloths..) so in this case can u tell me gal was wrong or the fake sadhus? ya! this is diff case than u r saying but....ur lines always remind me all of them.

Mohinee said...

abt films i hve never heard anybody blaming any hero for any scene, but heroines are always called shameless.But I really salute, you have shown such courage to raise this burning issue in this age of Nirbal ladke, w/o any fear.still i think u r suppressing the real words.. i hope if u write them i can give reply from the heart. I hope i could do something to improve the condition of 'Nirbal Ladke'. Yaar Manish ! 1 request plz chnge the name of this blog...u r the admin. I just committed the mistake. after changing the name i will remove my articles. i am damn serious!

aur to kya batau, boyz jaise cigarette se smoke karke parontale bujha dete hain, bas ladkiyon ke liye waise hi ladke he , that's the reason gals rare smoke.!

Mohinee said...

@Darsh - This is not problem with gals. this the problem with mind if you can't control ur mind and get attracted towards anybody that's not her problem.

@Mag - The answer of love - lust - like what is the diff bet best frend and true love........apart from lust - see here.

I agree with this.