Monday, March 7, 2011

Smriti Sabrinathan Weds Deepak K. Srivastava

‘Wake Up Mr….!!’ Hey, I am talking to you. This berth is mine!!

(I heard voice of a girl. Girl…GIRL… My unconscious mind repeats that word 2 times & he started thinking about the figure of that girl; her clothes, her SMILE, her curves etc)

This was my second trip to Hyderabad & I was traveling in GKP-SC Express train with my Mother. We both get different berths because at the time of booking of tickets it was a waiting ticket & now it got confirmed (By default). I tell you guys this “Indian Railway” has always some problem with me… They have given me & my mom different seats, and that too very much far away. I got Berth No. 42 (Middle Berth) & mom, Berth No. 12 (Lower Berth).
But there was also an advantage; I can flirt with girls around me (Many were present at there)

Though I was in my dream, someone pulled the sheet-off me. I furiously sat up & screamed in a loud voice (even louder than Train’s horn), “Who done that rubbish thing?”
‘I did that freakish thing, Mr.’ She gently replied.

(That time when my tiny eyes saw her, I was left numb. Was I really in my dream?? I asked that question no. of times to myself. I can’t believe that she has same figure, same eyes, same lips even same curves; all things were same which I saw in my dream, just a minute ago. I pinched myself so hard (its mark is still on my left hand). Then I realized it wasn’t any dream. There was a sexy, gorgeous, beautiful (all the adjectives which you guys know, use it over there) girl, standing in front of me.)

‘You, OK.’ She asked.
‘I, am, m…m… yeah fine!! Sorry, I occupied your seat for a while, actually mine berth is 42.’ I replied & regretted my mistake.
‘Ohh.. It’s OK. No need to say sorry yaar!! It just happens sometimes. BTW myself Smriti…. Smriti Sabrinathan.’ She said.

‘(What she saw in me, I don’t know. But one thing I definitely know that It was my lucky day. First time a girl, telling her name to me… Me….ME!! Ohh God, you are GREAT),’ I whispered.
‘What.’ She asked.
‘Nothing… nice name!! Smriti Sabri…(Paused).’ I wobbled while pronunciation.
‘It’s “Sabrinathan” & thanx for your articulation. Yeah.. I love my name.’ she screamed.
‘I, am, Deepak! Are you South Indian??’ I asked after introducing myself.
‘Yup.. But why you asked that question? Do you have any problem with South Indian girls?’ Smriti asked. (Voice louder than ever before)
‘Nope, I just.. Actually I love South Indians very much especially their culture.’ I replied with a gentle smile on my face.
‘I love my culture very much; it is different from others; totally different.’ Smriti replied.
‘So, we are friends now!’ I asked.

(I want her so badly because I don’t want to loose that hot chick. She was looking absolutely gorgeous in their outfits. She was wearing tight denim jeans which show-off the best part of her body & a White T-Shirt (Now, I can’t tell you how much sexy she was looking in those white T-shirts)

‘How can you say that we are friends now? We just spent half-an-hour with each other & this is not enough time to understand an unknown boy.’ Smriti roared.
‘Hey listen.. I am not proposing you! I only said, “Can we become friends now?” It’s not that big deal.. Is it?’ I argued.
’OK..OK… Now don’t irritate me! We are friends but only friends. I feel great to make friends in journey. Now you are my friend.’ She said.

“First Target achieved,” I whispered.
‘What?’ Smriti asked.
‘Nothing, (I, smiled).’ I said.

(She further extended her hand to shake & I just jumped in front of her. We shook hands as soon as our hand finds each other contacts, tingles ran down all over my body.)

‘So, where are you from?’ I asked.
‘Chennai aka Madras.’ Smriti said.
‘Then, why you are going to Hyderabad?’ I asked.
‘My “Athai” lives in Hyd. I am going for a vacation.’ Smriti giggled.
‘What? “Mithai” (Sweats)!!!’ She stopped me before saying anything extra.
‘Shut up.. You crab. “Athai” means Aunty. She is my father’s sister. You got the point?’ Smriti replied brutally.
(I like that crab word. Whenever I see her, I want to snatch her face & kiss her. OMG.. Her killing lips)
‘What do you do? I mean studying, working or just doing nothing like me.’ I fired another personal question.
‘I am studying in Delhi; would be a software Engineer & soon to be preparing for Civil Services Exams.’ Smriti said.
‘Wow.. Me too preparing for CSE! But you said you are from Delhi & you boarded your train from Jhansi? What kind of connection is that? BTW, what are your subjects?’ (Question after question) I asked another one.
‘Great!! You also.!! Actually I got my confirmed ticket from Jhansi, for Hyd. Hence, I decided to board another train upto Jhansi, from Delhi. My subjects are Public Ad & Philosophy.’ Smriti said.
‘Don’t say that, what a co-incidence! Same subjects!’ I said.
‘Then it would be good for us. Can you give me some guidance for CSE? I don’t know much about it!’ Smriti pleaded.
‘Yeah.. Of-course.’(As I have done PhD. in CSE!!), I whispered.
‘Actually, I have an idea. Can we study together?? It will be fruitful for us.’ Smriti asked.

(That day was definitely lucky to me. A sexy girl is asking me to study together. Oh.. Jesus, Thank you so much.)

In the mean-time, my mom arrives & asked me,” When will you eat dinner?”
‘Mom, she is Smriti Sabrinathan & Smriti, she is my Mother.’ Why I introduced Smriti to my mom?? I still don’t know. I thought one day she would become her Daughter-in-law.
‘Hello, aunty.’ Smriti said. Mom nodded a bit.
‘Maa, you eat; I’ll eat later’ I said.
‘Ok, as you wish.’ Mom said & disappeared.
‘So where we were?’ I asked.
‘In the train & I am still in it!!’ Smriti replied (with a constant smile)

(I always see her lips whenever she smiles, researching ways of kissing her badly.) ‘Huh, I am not in the mood of mockery.’ I said.
‘I want to be with you.. I mean, I want to do study with you. (I took a deep breathe)’
‘So, am I! I found you nice, gentle, and intelligent. It will be great for us if we study together.’ Smriti said.
‘I am going back to Delhi next month & will enroll myself to a coaching institute. I want you also come there & join me.’ She further added.
‘But I can’t come to Delhi as I can’t leave my mother alone. I have some responsibilities on my shoulder. I can’t run away from there. WTF…Yaar!!!’ I murmured.
‘Oh.. Mama’s Boy! Don’t want to leave his mummy alone. Then you tell what we have to do??’ She argued.

‘Give me sometime to think.’ I said while buying a Mango Slice to both of us. I will tell u tomorrow. Ok, now please let me go to sleep as I am feeling sleepy.
‘Just go & Fuck-Off with your sleep.’ Smriti yelled while taking her last sip.

(Listing that F-word from a typical South Indian Girl, took me into COMA!! All went for a Pause)
She switched-off lights instantly & everything went in dark. I, still was not able to understand why a South Indian girl is taking so much interest in a North Indian Boy?
Am I very intelligent?
Am I looked like Ranbir Kapoor?
Am I still in my dream?
Is she a prostitute?
‘All these questions appeared randomly in my mind at that time. I slapped myself!! What are you talking about? She is not a prostitute!! How mean you are?’ I talked to myself in anger.
‘But I am not that intelligent & also not looking like Ranbir Kapoor.

(Whole night I suffered those typical questions even tougher than the paper of CSE. Somehow I managed to take a nap)

Next Morning: Train’s schedule arrival at Hyd was at 9’o clock in the morning & It was already 8.30 in the clock, when my eyes gives me little bit of space to see actually what’s going on around me?
I saw my watch, its 8.30! My God.. I sat up & looked here-and-there in hurry but she wasn’t there. Now I was sure at that time she was definitely a prostitute but then I found her handbag over her seat. It was neither any dream nor was she a prostitute.

‘Good Morning.’ Smriti comes from nowhere & tapped on my shoulder. (Similar type of tingles ran down over my body)
‘Where were you gone?’ I asked.
‘What people do in the morning?’ Smriti whispered. ‘Oh.. I see’. I nodded.
‘So, you decided. What you are going to do?’
Smriti, I actually want to join you in Delhi but …. (Interrupted in middle)
‘But, what! You don’t want to become a Bureaucrat, you don’t want to avail all those exceptional facilities, power to govern anybody..??’ Smriti screamed.
‘I am confused little bit. Actually I want to say something… Just leave it. Will you please give me 2 or 3 days to think?’ I pleaded

(Train arrived on schedule at Hyd station. First time I saw any Indian Railway train arrived Right time on any station. I told you before that this Indian Railway definitely has some problem with me.)
‘Oh.. Cm’on you geek. My Athai is coming to receive me & I am going because she is like James Bond 007.  This is my mobile no. 09839XXXXXX, call me only in the evening.’ Smriti fumed.

She just disappeared in 60 seconds. My mom arrived & ordered me,” Pick up those bags”. I silently followed her but suddenly something happened to me. I told my mom, “Just stay here for a minute & I’ll be back in 5 minutes”.
I rushed towards Smriti who was walking with her Athai & said,” I want to talk with you for a minute”.
‘Not this time…My Athai is here.’ She whispered.
‘Please… Only 1 minute’, I pleaded.
‘Athai… he is my friend, Deepak. He wants to talk to me, May I?’ She asked.
(Athai nodded)
I just want to say one thing… I.. I.., actually Smriti, whenever I see you, something unusual happens in my stomach. You know… How would I concentrate myself when we study together?  Whenever I see your face, I want to kiss you!! I know it sounds freakish.. But I am in love with you. I LOVE YOU Smriti!

‘I don’t know how to react on this..?? But I can do one thing & she kissed me onto my cheeks. Is this u want from me? I have to go & will call you in the evening & also I will give my answer. But if I said No, don’t do anything. Ok.. Bye! Will call you in the evening!’ She smiled & said.

(Today she called me in the evening & said,” I want to continue with you. Can we meet tomorrow in NTR Garden in evening?”)
‘What you said, you want to continue with me. OMG, I can’t believe this. Yes, I am coming to NTR garden tomorrow but this time I want kiss on different place’ I screamed & now expecting the kiss on my lips!! (Desperately waiting for tomorrow)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eric in Cheos

INsanity by Mag[m]:-

How many victims in any love-affairs are confirmed about their relationship in the future. No wonder the static’s can go down in decimals but still the commitments are made. I am not saying that it is wrong, perception and theories are the things that changes from person to person and place to place. Ma father always used to say me that don’t count for the breads while eating and as a good son I always followed that but in a little different manner, I never count ma pegs while drinking , same theory but a different perception. Than why these commitments are for ?

I always confused that what makes the difference between a Love-Relation and a Best-Friend-Relation. I mean if you have any girl as your best friend than you can roam with her, can share the deepest thought with her, can compose the long chats. This relation have everything like care, love, affection, possessiveness, silly fights, arguments, everything that you can expect from your girlfriend. Than what is the difference. Is that lust is the factor and if it is than its surely not a Love. Than how to differentiate it ?

Insanity is talking like that today because today it thinks that boys are the weakest elements in the living creatures category. They always represent themselves with ocean of beer and a tornado of cigarette smoke and keen to hide the fucking emotional breakdown but still whatever they do it always crosses the horizons. How many of you ever heard that any girl have ever crossed the limits of possibilities even in the most sucking condition of “one-sided-love”. Dude its really rare and extinct in present era. Do you still thinks that boys are bad ?

Every heroine working with Imraan Hasmi is ready to kiss him that is going to be published nationally even globally and even after knowing this they are ready to work with him than how Imraan is being blamed all the time. Who said it is a man dominating society when every time males are victimized. Don’t think it as a satire it’s a frustration that have a power to force even insanity to think like dramatically. Do anyoneone have any solution?

Desire Or Satisfaction - Which is ruling us..??

" Can't we live without Onion for some time, ma ?" As usual the innocent Hrithick's question made his mother Kavitha tight lipped. She knew that the naughty boy had raised his doubt when she had been exclaiming and complaining about the sky-rocketed prices of onion with her friend over phone. She had been complaining about the inefficiencies of authorities concerned in curbing onion prices.
However, his question opened her up new vistas of answers. She already knew some people who avoid onion completely in their food and still live on healthily. She also knew the Lord is not such a miser to leave all his own creatures to die starving for food. There is more than enough of "abundance" around us that are created by Lord for us. WE, just, are showing our ignorance by not feeling or finding them!. If we can't afford onion, why don't we take other equally nourished and cheaper things? Why do we all fall on the same thing and create an artificial demand for the perishable thing? If we wait for another two days with our hands crossed, the prices will automatically come down. But, why we are not doing like this?
So the whole drama was created by us, but we complain others for not exercising his authorities which are beyond their control. If we start to look for the other best alternatives that the Lord has provided for us, there will not be any speculations. "Why this subject?" you may think...
It has been found that the parts of brain responsible for "desire" and "satisfaction" are in different areas, with the "desire"part always stronger than that of other. That is why unsatisfaction will result even if we cater to the full needs of desire part. On one hand, such type of unsatisfaction leads to positive result in which we always thrive for new things and find new better things for better life standards. On the other hand, if we leave it unchecked, it will lead us to disaster. Persons who can balance these two feelings will ultimately win the race.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things i miss most after College

Some moments divide the time period of life in two parts- life before that event and life after that event. Leaving the college life is certainly stands in one of those moments. Though only 6 or 7 months has been passed but it seems I have spent a decade out of those walls.
Memories will certainly haunt me throughout my life but those things will never be recreated. I want to pen down and list down few things that I miss most after leaving college (to be more honest I don’t remember any event of college that I want to write here because it is hostel life that teaches me more than those boring lectures and labs. I miss that hostel days life….but it sounds more cultured to write down college life in place of hostel life)

Security behind those boundaries: certainly we are most secure behind the curtain of college, no tension of life (though a little bit in final year), we are the king of our world. But things change very rapidly out of those walls. In the word of RDB “ college gate ke iss taraf hum life ko nachaate hai aur gate ke usss taraf life hume nachaati hai “

UDHAAR KI ZINDAGI:  don’t judge me wrong folks but how I dare not to mention this thing. I have to buy a bucket and pen drive of my own after leaving hostel ,how sad for a person who didn’t buy a bucket for 4 years (though I am not a occasional bath taker). And pen drives are available according to need 2 GB means chacha, 4 GB sishir bhai and jain sir,8 Gb ………. I can use latest Deo and perfume without buying it and wear a MUFTI jeans without spending a buck.( AM I RIGHT M[a]G ?) 

LOAN WITHOUT INTREST: This is the best incentive of being a hostler. You can borrow money without paying any interest and that too for a period of your convince. I am sure no bank can ever produce this scheme. Thanks friend for giving me money after spending my whole month pocket money in a beer party. 

DHABA MASTI: Agrawal Dhaba where only “VYAVHAAR” is given, Suraj Juice corner and non-veg point , Raju bhai’s Parantha and least but not the least our favorite engineers Dhaba for shake of nicotine requirements…the list is very long and I miss each said and unsaid part of this. 

HARYANA BORDER BOTTLES: I don’t know who made taxes so low on alcohol in Haryana state but I want to thank him/her from bottom of my heart. Otherwise who can pay double for a RS bottle when the count of ‘bottle needed’ exceeds a dozen?

RIPPED BY ___ Movies:  I have watched every released movie whether Hollywood or bollywood on very first Saturday or Sunday(the only use of college LAN) without buying a 200 rupees PVR ticket. But now days I buy 15 rupees pirated DVD from our mohallas pan waala.

And of course my WHITE STICK family, who made a dumb boy, like me... a person who can at least know how this practical life crap can be handled. There is no word in any language of world that can reproduce my feelings in words for my friends. I just want to finish with “ROCK ON” famous lines for my friends

Friday, January 14, 2011



It is end of December and the wind of lucknow contains some extra chilliness… I was never an early riser in college but after entering in corporate world habits change very rapidly… I have to wake up early to insure that I will get the salary of that day by swapping my I-card before 9:30 am.
I have snoozed the alarm 3 times before getting my eyes half open…and my hand automatically searching something beside the pillow…my cigarette pack(some habits doesn’t changes even after entering in corporate life)  …and WTF…it’s empty….
Last thing I want to go outside in this winter morning…but there is no other way I can satisfy my body’s demand of nicotine…so I have packed up myself in all the clothes that is available on the chair…2 or 3 sweaters, jeans, jacket…and the thing I hated most my mamma’s gift for the winter-monkey cap.
 After 5 minute journey i reach to the tea corner.I have light up that 64 mm stick (cigarette) and put my whole body in functioning mode…then I saw that same old lady, with the same belongings whom I am noticing since I have started to live in that PG..
A small torn tent near the bank of Gomti…same piece of clothes that certainly doesn’t stand in the category of clothes now…that broken steel pipe on which she take support to rest her weaker body….and rest thing can be easily found on any garbage full street . Whenever I pass by her she looks me … I found the emotion in her eye is somehow strange… fear, sorrow, hope or something undefined.
After 3 months I am used to of that view, whenever I stand on the tea corner…My eyes automatically start searching her…seems eyes want to ensure ...Whether kaki is still there or move on to somewhere else.
Many times I want to go near her and give her my old blanket which is now in no use for me…But never found the time or get another excuse for this.

It is 5th of January and I am very happy after spending the New Year eve with my college friends…and after those 2 days with my family at delhi. Life at its best…. Beer, friends, music and New Year eve. The bill of 3 thousand and some bucks first time didn’t bother me because now I have money of my own. At the evening ; I was sipping tea with the cigarette…at the only tea corner near my PG. suddenly my eyes start searching something…the old kaki … she is nowhere now…. Perhaps she moves away after all it is so cold now… a thought came up in my mind… I don’t know why I asked the shopkeeper about her…but the reply make me restless…
“she died…it’s so chilly here and even she didn’t have any blanket so she died on new year eve …the same time I was partying…I was paying some heavy amount of bucks for our beer…she died. The voice is echoing in my head “even she didn’t have any blanket”. Perhaps she will survive if I had given her blanket.

I am restless… I have light up another 64 mm stick and said to myself…its ok her time has come, I have nothing to do with this…but why I am restless even I don’t know.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's B-Friends!

Happy National Youth Day!

'B-Friends- Today'

Today as we know is the Birthday of The most Popular Young Sanyasi 'Swami Vivekananda' - The national youth day.. one of His biographies published in Marathi is "Yoddha Sanyasi"... The Warrior Sanyasi. Yes! He was a real warrior.....He fought with the inner conflicts, searched the right path, searched the answers of all His questions, searched the true Sadguru and really won all the conflicts of mind, when the youth of HIs age was n'joying their lives He used to read big philosophical books. He was a born Yogi. He was Handsome, Talented and Popular tho in college...but was not interested in the typical youth n'joyement. After the Sanyas..won the hearts of the people in US...unfortunately His orthodox fellow - countrymen used to defame him at the same time. He was a true Sanyasi and a true warrier he conquered everything The Mind and the Hearts of the world

No need to go in deep..we still feel the power of His words...he is my inspiration and i don think there is in youngster who will not get inspired by Him. Not necessary everyone should go for Sanyas. But India today needs a youth who will be warrior for the country and culture in all aspects defence, diplomacy, foreign policy, poverty, education....But first the defence of our identity, our culture and the Bharat and our borders!

As you are reading intro for these five bloggers......from the start of new year.2011 on the Occasion of National Youth Day.. the name of this blog is decided ...B-Friends..

Why so........Chronicles of bloggers......y changed?

See! you must have read in intro by Manish that we....were least interested in each Sanjeetha...five O-bloggers - opposite bloggers. But thanks to Sanj for this great idea of group blogging... thanks to PD for..... the a wonderful start and promt response on every article and great contrubution...thanks to Deeps.......for joining here though he is very busy....of course thanks to Manish Sir....who spontaneously formed this blog and even not hesitated coz i m here...hey! hey folks! wait a minute.......that fights were past. Present is only 'B-friends......'

The Chronicles of Bloggers is now turned into B-friends.........

B for Bestest friends...... ya! Now O bloggers are turned into B - friends...

B for Blogger friends.... ya! Blogging is the invention which made us B- Friends..

B for Bharatiya friends..truely Bharatiya - proud Bharatiya friends.....and also geographically and linguistically we are from different parts of the country.....united here to B- friends.

B is the Boost friends.. Ya! Boost is the secret of Energy of cricketers....B- Friends is the secret of the Boost for the Youngsters and for all of us too ! Because B-friend is the real boost for our lives too!

And one more thing...very important.....for YOU the YOUTH!

Why don't you .....
"B - OUR - Friends! "

Posted by PicasaThe B-friends Tomorrow- After your Joining

Yes you! all of you! the boyz and gals.........all of you! the teenagers .......all of you!

Let's B- friends...........

WE the youth can only change the system.......we can change the world......Swami Vivekananda is our inspiration.

We can fight with injustice...with corruption...... with terrorism...poverty...child labor .........every problem we can fight we can win need is to.........

B- Friends........

Akshay Patra Contest by IndiBlogger has already shown.....what youth can do for country,,,They used the term "Hunger Warriors".
Join your hands with become our........


Join this Bestest Life......

"B our Bestest friends!"

Celebrate this National Youth Day by joining us........

"The B-Friends"

Experience the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity ....


Monday, January 10, 2011

Mohini's 'Fairy Film'

Posted by PicasaThe Doll of Love

Songs of Love and Paths of Love,
In search of the Prince of Love!
Dreams of Love and Days of Love,
In search of the God of Love!
Smile of Love and Eyes of Love,
In Search of the Flower of Love!
Worship of Love and The Temple of Love
Found the God in the Heart of Love!
Past Love and Present Love
Life filled with Divine Love
Everything is just Love, Love and Love...

My Wonderland Discovered by Manish

Thoughts came after PD's comment! I loved this word "Fairy Film..." ! Thanks PD, hope to have a great tuning in future. Thanks to the unknowns who made these images available.